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About NTS
A high-level expertise, successful outsourcing
NTS offer mechanical engineering service and design modeling for customers in area such as:
  • Aeronautic
  • Automotive
  • Heavy industries
  • Electromechanical, mechanical and electronic apparels
  • Packaging
  • Machinery
  • Industrial and Commercial equipments

We provide polyvalent and qualified resources having years of experience in these areas of expertise. NTS can provide customize solutions for each type of industries. We insure overall project management and realization.

Perfect knowledge of high level CAD softwares such as Catia V5, Enovia, Smarteam and SolidWorks are the kind of skill that make NTS a mandatory partner of your success


Typical examples of NTS expertise:

  • Complete management of your mechanical design projects
  • Automotive design and upholstery
  • Business plane interior upholstery
  • Custom engineering and mechanical design
  • Complex assemblies and cumulating tolerances verification
  • 3D metric or imperial modeling (ISO or ANSI norms)
  • Detail drawings with BOM as:
    - Drawings with tolerance and welding symbols as per customer norms
    - Drawings with view orientation and units as per customer needs
    - Sheet metal product drawings


NTS can optimize your engineering design process and increase productivity with the PLM implementation in order to allow concurrent engineering, increase the design capacity, improve the quality and insure the quality and accuracy of the design and production data.
For that, we can organize your PLM considering the structure and the nature of the product to design and to fabricate in order to “standardize” the working method and always get the exact and appropriate information to execute your entire mandate.


Following the implementation of the CAD/PLM software, the initial startup to use them could present some difficulties and required explanation and adaptation. NTS offer after sale support in order to minimize the lost of time related to the learning process and problems that could rise. Our goal is to answers all your questions, resolve issues and improve your skills to become autonomous faster. Depending of the type of support negotiated, our technical support could be provided in your office or by phone.


NTS offer complete training adapted to the client needs and to the type of industries the client is evolving. The training is covering basic notions in order to build a solid knowledge foundation allowing designers to acquire more advance training knowledge and be able to perform faster and with better quality.

Training offer at the customer or into our office:
  • Catia V4 et V5
  • Enovia
  • Smarteam
  • SolidWorks